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NAUI Scuba For Fun

Basic Open Water Scuba  Diver        

The NAUI Basic Scuba Diver program is an entry level course in scuba diving.  The course is a 2-week program, The classroom lectures are scheduled the first Tuesday – Thursday evenings of each month, and the following Wednesday from 5:30 – 9:00 PM. The pool sessions are scheduled the first full Saturday and Sunday mornings from 11:00 – 3:30 PM, followed by 5 ocean dives the following weekend, starting at 7 AM at La Jolla Shores..

This exciting program includes:

•9 hours of classroom study in diving equipment, Diving Physics, Physiology, Dive Tables, Environment, Diving Safety, and First Aid.
•6 hours of pool training in the use of snorkel and scuba equipment, dive skills and rescue techniques.
• 1 snorkel and 4 Scuba dives dives off La Jolla Shores.

SCUBA Diver graduates will be competent in basic open water diving activities and will receive a lifetime certification card honored around the world.




Course Cost $410 (plus tax)

  • Includes tuition, bookset, rental gear, (for the duration of the class), and certification fee
  • All gear is furnished for the course with exception of booties and gloves, (this does includes mask, fins and snorkel rental).  Student/Military discounts available



•Participants must be able to swim 225 yards using any stroke non-stop.
•Float/tread water for 10 minutes.
•Bring bathing suit for pool, pen and paper for each night.
•Participants must have own booties which are available at a  discount!
•Free of any respiratory, circulatory illnesses.


Advanced Diver

The NAUI Advanced Diver program is a mid-level continuing education course designed for new scuba divers to continue their training and for divers new to the area who want to familiarize themselves with diving in San Diego.

This course consists of:

•A minimum of 6 dives with training in rocks, rips and reef entries, underwater navigation.
•Air consumption calculations.
•Night diving, kelp diving, marine life identification.
•Optional boat diving.

The course is held over one or two weekends on site in La Jolla.  Optional Boat trip is available.




Class price is $390.00 (plus tax)

  • Includes tuition, book and certification fee
  • Gear rental is availble at $60 for the duration of the course.



•Participants must be Basic Open Water certified or equivalent.
•Participants must provide all of their own equipment or rent all required equipment.


Master  Diver

The NAUI Master Diver program is for avid recreational divers who are Advanced certified or equivalent  and wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of diving.  This course dives into in depth study of diving physics, equipment and physiology.  Various specialty diving techniques will be covered including deep diving, light salvage, advanced navigation, wreck diving, night and low visibility diving and boat diving.  Lifesaving and rescue techniques and procedures will be covered as well.  This course is an excellent progression toward Leadership level certification courses.


This in-depth course consists of:

•20 hours of in-depth lecture covering diving physics, physiology, advanced equipment technology and recompression chamber introduction.
•8 Ocean dives to include deep diving, light salvage, advanced navigation, wreck diving, night and low visibility diving, boat diving.

Master Diver graduates will have a greater understanding of diving science.  They will be prepared to enter into Leadership level certification courses if desired.



Class price is $730.00  (plus tax). 

  • Includes tuition, book and certification fee
  • Gear rental is available at $60 for the duration of the course.



•Participants must be Advanced Diver certified or have equivalent experience.
•Must be at least 15 years of age.
•Participants must provide all of their own equipment or rent all required equipment.