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Nitrox Diver

Nitrox Diver Course

The NAUI NITROX Scuba Diver program is an introduction to diving with gases other than air.  Extend your bottom time with Oxygen Enriched Air and be a safer diver.  The course is held over a two or three day period. 


Classes start at 5 pm.


This program includes:


•4 hours of classroom study in diving equipment, Diving Physics, Physiology, Dive Tables, and Diving Safety.
•2 Ocean dives off La Jolla with a boat dive option to one of the beautiful southern Channel Islands.
•SCUBA Diver graduates will be competent in Enriched Air Nitrox diving activities in open water and will receive a certification card honored around the world.


  • Includes tuition, book and certification fee
  • Gear rental is availble at $60 for the duration of the course.




•Participants must be SCUBA certified.
•Free of any respiratory, circulatory illnesses.